Welcome to the age of “TraDigital Marketing”

The age of “Tra-Digital Marketing” is here. But what is Tra-Digital Marketing?
It’s the combination of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing into one perspective to accomplish your advertising campaign goals. This combination of multiple lead-generating pipelines funneling customers to your BDC and showroom is a modern approach to driving an increase store traffic. It’s something we have practiced at our client dealerships and quite frankly, it works!

First, let’s back up and start from the beginning:
Since digital marketing became a major player in Automotive Advertising, many dealerships have treated it as a separate topic away from their Traditional marketing activities. It began slow and small, with SEO and database information leading the efforts to grow a digital marketing base. Over time, Tier 1 digital marketing began to influence Tier 3 marketing, and common practices like geo-fencing and tracking-pixels have been employed on the local level. Today, a dealership that blends core marketing messages through multiple channels will certainly perform better month-to-month.

That short summary encompasses probably 2 years of growth and development. But it has created an environment, and a new set of marketing challenges, that have never been seen before. Adapting to these changes are crucial to a dealership’s success and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.. they’re becoming more important!

The existence of multi-channel content is something we all love (and sometimes hate) as consumers. That content (and it’s advertising) is everywhere: Your desktop computer, your tablet, your phone, your television, your mailbox, the digital billboard you pass on your way to work.. the list goes on for ever. It has diversified the consumer base and created niches where certain demographics prefer to visit for content. A full traditional campaign will only target a portion of these niches. Just as a full digital campaign will only target a portion of these niches. Thus, we have entered the age of Tra-Digital marketing. Where your traditional marketing campaign and sales urgency must exist on a multi-channel platform. As a result, you will begin to maximize consumer reach and interaction.

Here’s some stats to chew on..
– The average primetime viewer is 57.
– Roughly 45% of all ad-supported cable networks have median ages 50 or higher
– 37% of U.S. consumers today own the trio of tablets, laptops, and smartphones. A 270% increase since 2010
– 56% of TV & film viewing by Millennials 14-24 is on computer. Older Millennials (24-30) consume 47% of their content on alternative devices.
sources: neilson, american marketing association, forbes

Now there’s data all over pointing to this aging viewer trend and change in content platforms for younger generations. But the reality is that the TV industry is still the biggest player when it comes to ad dollars today. However, those younger demographics who have shied away from traditional marketing outlets are now entering the car market. Many for the first time. The opportunity that is now presented before dealerships and Tier 2/3 marketers to make good strong connections with them. This will pay off in more ways than one if they choose to capture these new sales by utilizing multi-channel “TraDigital Marketing”.

When you use TraDigital Marketing methods, your sales message and urgency does not have to change. Nor does the budget you spend to create and place them. What changes are the platforms it is viewed on and the attention to new data in tracking where your customers go and when they go there. It’s actually quite cost effective, considering many dealerships who utilize 0:15 second book-end commercials can simply shift a portion of their dollars to online pre-roll advertising (A medium which responds well to advertisements 15 seconds or less). We talk to many owners and managers who believe entering new marketing platforms will cost a lot of money. It can.. if you don’t know what you’re doing. But the truth is that digital marketing channels have cheaper advertising cost per media (CPM) than their traditional marketing counter parts.

When perspective changes on the power of multi-channel marketing, so does your sales needle. However, other variables change as well. Especially those which are important to manufacturers in 2016.

Please read our next blog post 2016 – The Year of Customer Retention to learn how Tier 3 advertisers and dealerships are adapting to modern ways of advertising to customers to achieve their sales goals and customer retention goals of their manufacturers.

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