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Is Social Media your dealership’s best source of referral traffic?

You’ve seen Facebook in the news lately. Most likely for negative reasons as it works to suppress the pressures mounting against its data policies and the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. But still, Facebook makes more than $40 billion a year. It has the power to swing elections, and it is used by more than one…

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How much money is in your CRM?

For many dealerships, email marketing was their first endeavor into the digital marketing sphere. As time went on their databases grew, subsequently creating the automotive industry’s first digital custom audience that was unique with each dealership. Email marketing has stood the test of time over the years and continues to be an integral part of…

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P-Day is coming. How will you overcome loosing Facebook’s effective partner data targeting?

If you market on Facebook and use their platform to reach customers, you have most likely seen this message from Facebook. “We will be shutting down Partner Categories over the next six months”. In a March statement, Facebook referenced this move as an effort to help improve people’s privacy on Facebook. This certainly leads for…

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Dealership Website Optimization – What you need (and don’t need) to focus on

During Digital Dealer 24 here in Orlando I had the pleasure of sitting down Sean Welsh who is the CEO of Car Biz Done Better. We shared many common ideas and philosophies around avoiding dealer waste and understanding the root cause of why dealers overspend when it comes to operating their store. The misconception that…

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Welcome to the age of “TraDigital Marketing”

The age of “Tra-Digital Marketing” is here. But what is Tra-Digital Marketing? It’s the combination of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing into one perspective to accomplish your advertising campaign goals. This combination of multiple lead-generating pipelines funneling customers to your BDC and showroom is a modern approach to driving an increase store traffic. It’s something…

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Shift Dollars – Shift Sales

Remember the age-old saying “Location, Location, Location…”? It’s a phrase that applies to a lot of things, from Real Estate sales to Military might. It is also central to advertising, as your ad placements are crucial to the success of your business. When looking deeper into advertising budgets, we see just how present dealers are in…

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